Fox Web Sites

Foxwatching in Dublin – Watching suburban foxes in south Dublin

National Fox Welfare Society – volunteer organisation dedicated to helping the fox. Contains information on Mange treatment using effective homoeopathic remedies.

Derbyshire Fox Rescue – UK voluntary group which works for the welfare of foxes in the Derbyshire, Nottingham & Sheffield areas.

The Suburban Timeshare – Albert Hillel’s online novel about people and foxes sharing a suburb.

Adam’s Fox Box – a resource base for fans of foxes, featuring weekly picture links.

Fox Forest – includes photos, sounds, tales, and more.

The Mammal Society – dedicated to the study and conservation of British mammals

Vulpes.Org – dedicated to cute fuzzy foxes.

Vulpine Dreams – guide to fox resources, including music, IRC, and fellow fox-lovers.

The Fox King – The Fox King

The Fox Website – An information website from Bristol University’s Mammal Research Unit

I saw a fox – Website set up to provide education and share stories and information about foxes all over the world

Anti-foxhunting Sites

Irish Council Against Blood Sports – including the facts about foxhunting

League Against Cruel Sports Warwickshire Group – Fox facts and figures, video footage, online petition.

AD’s Home Page – Background info on UK anti-hunt campaigns and details of how you can help.

League Against Cruel Sports – campaigning against cruelty to animals.

General Animal Welfare Sites

Voiceless – the Animal Protection Institute (Australia)

Mayo Cat Rescue – Rescues and rehomes cats

Animals in Distress – the charity that cares for animals 24 hours a day.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Humane Society – campaign news, features, lost and found, pets for adoption and kids’ section

Irish Seal Sanctuary – Wildlife Hospital, Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility for seals.

Irish Animal Welfare Resource Site – links to Irish groups

World Animal Net – numerous links to animal groups around the world

Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe – information on campaign against bullfighting

Miscellaneous – become a vegetarian/vegan for the animals, your health and the planet

The Vegan Society – info on how a plant-based diet is better for the animals, the environment and your health

Wildlife Science Center – Inspiring relationships with the wild

Irish Wildlife Trust – info and campaigns relating to wildlife in Ireland

Paw Prints London – clothing, badges, bags, etc with animal designs

The Hunger Site – visit this site to help end world hunger – website guide for Ireland and beyond


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