Foxes of Ireland – Co Roscommon

Most of the Foxwatch Ireland foxwatching activities have taken place in Roscommon’s beautiful Lough Key country. Below is a selection of the images captured there.
Photos by Peter Akokan and Philip Kiernan

One of the fox cubs rescued by Peter Akokan prepares to head out into the night to hunt for some food.

This seven- or eight-month-old fox came within three feet of us on a September foxwatch in Lough Key Forest Park.

A fox at the entrance to its earth. Directly after the photograph was taken, the fox darted below ground again.

An adult fox scavenging a deer which was killed on the road. The fox’s earth was relatively close to this spot and it kept coming back and forth to the roadkill, each time bringing some meat for the cubs.

Foxes of Ireland


About Foxwatching

Watching, filming and rescuing foxes. Making a detailed study into their active lives.
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