Foxes of Ireland – Co Leitrim

“I recently came across a family of young foxes and I brought my nephews to see such a wonderful occurrence of baby foxes in their natural habitat. There were five young baby foxes in healthy condition and we observed them, making sure not to disturb them.

“What made this more exciting for me was that my nephews, who were on holidays from New York, could not believe that they could get so close to such a wonderful wild animal. My nephew and I started taking photographs of these wonderful baby foxes playing over and over, and also we filmed the foxes playing. It was an experience that we won’t forget and hopefully others will get the opportunity to see something as wonderful as we did.

“All this took place near Dromod in County Leitrim. At the present time, foxes are thriving in this area but with all of the development going on all around me, this can’t last sadly. All photographs were taken by Ciaran Duignan from Long Island, Oceanside, New York, and also Patrick Duignan from Dromod, County Leitrim.”

Foxes of Ireland


About Foxwatching

Watching, filming and rescuing foxes. Making a detailed study into their active lives.
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