Foxes of Ireland – Co Galway

“I was on my way home after being out on Saturday, September 2nd, 2000 when, not so far from Moyode Wood I spotted all the foxes just beyond a stone wall. I made my way forward and I took the photos through a hole in the wall. It was a stroke of luck that I spotted so many foxes together. It seems that it was a family of foxes around the rocks. It’s hard to say what was going on but it looks like only one fox at a time was allowed up on the rocks.

“The large dog fox is seen walking away from the rocks although he was looking back to keep an eye on what exactly was going on. It would appear that the fox on the ground is trying to convince the one on the rocks to let him up beside him. The fox on the rocks isn’t interested in moving aside though.”
Thanks to Thomas Hardiman for the photos

Foxes of Ireland


About Foxwatching

Watching, filming and rescuing foxes. Making a detailed study into their active lives.
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