Foxes of Ireland – Co Cork

“These are pictures of Freddie who came onto my lawn in daylight as a tiny fox and sat amongst the birds while they were eating. He came for his evening meal every night throughout the winter months. He then started bringing a young companion with him – Timid (see picture 4). I no longer see them but the food I put out late at night is always eaten and hopefully Freddie and his friend are still being fed. He was shabby and starving when I first saw him.”
Elizabeth Dowell, Cork

“This is a picture of Freddie’s friend, Timid. As befitting her name, she was always fearful of coming out of the undergrowth until I was out of sight. She would then dash out, grab a bit of food and go straight back to her hiding place.

“Sadly, I no longer see either of the foxes but the food I put out still disappears – they probably come in the early hours of the morning. I can only hope that they survive to their normal lifespan without becoming the victims of man’s brutality.”
Elizabeth Dowell, Cork

“This is Mrs Fox! She’s one of three foxes which have been coming for food for about three weeks. She’s getting quite used to the family, staying about three feet away from them. Her coat is starting to improve.”
Elizabeth Dowell, Cork

Foxes of Ireland


About Foxwatching

Watching, filming and rescuing foxes. Making a detailed study into their active lives.
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